Saturday, December 25, 2010

Back in the US

Greetings from the US. Merry Christmas! We hope all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I got back safe and sound and we had no problems with the luggage. I am so grateful to the FBC Greenville mission team for being so willing and great sports in bringing back 11 extra bags for me. Thank you all for your prayers...the time with the team and ministry we did in ES went great. After Christmas, I hope to share a little more.

God bless. Above are some pics of the team and their work sharing the Gospel, Christmas boxes, food baskets, and providing entertainment through jumpies.

Wishing you all the Merriest Christmas and Happy New Year.

The Maners

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Day

Greetings from ES. Thank you for your prayers. This will be my last full day in ES and the FBC Greenville mission teams. The past few days have been great. We have had block parties, seen a lot of children enjoy themselves on jumpies, handed out food baskets and Christmas boxes, and most importantly shared the Gospel to many. It has been great and we have seen some lives changed but something that words cannot describe--we have seen children smile with joy and families filled with gratitude for what they received on behalf of God's provision through FBC Greenvilled and other churches who provide boxes (I will share more and pictures once I get back to the US). I have a little time now before we get started for the day and would like to ask you to pray for the following:
  • Today we will be at the orphanage (Remar) playing and interacting with the children. We will have a small program for them (they received Christmas boxes last week through Bob Kendrick and his teams) sharing the Gospel through the Christmas story. We will then see some of the ES and return to the hotel to pack for tomorrow.
  • Continue to pray of the follow up of the lives of those that have been changed for Christ.
  • Traveling mercies---pray that we all have safe travel tomorrow without any luggage, ticket, customs, connection problems. Also pray for the group as they will drive from Memphis to Greenville once they land. (Please pray the bags "thru". The FBC group has been so generous to take extra bags for me. Pray that they bags do not have weight issues and that they go straight through customs).
  • Kim and the kids and her family as they will be traveling.

Again thank you for your prayers and support. God bless

Friday, December 17, 2010

Mission Team: Prayer Requests

Greetings from ES. Kim and the kids are doing well and trying to get adjusted to the US (and the weather). I am finishing up here in ES and my last mission team (FBC Greenville) is arriving this week. Please be in prayer for the following (if you are willing please take the time to pray for each of these events each day--copy and paste/print and pass it on to others):
  • Saturday 18th: Pray for traveling mercies (safe flight, connections, luggage, no custom problems) for the FBC Greenville group---they will arrive at night.
  • Sunday 19th: Evangelize in the community of Pastor Enrique (pray that lives will be open to the Gospel and come to know the Lord as their Savior) in the morning; in the afternoon we will be joing Bob Kendrick and his teams for evangelism. We are partnering with a local Baptist church and are planning a block party (Erik and Susan Resendez--new ES missionaries--will have their jumpies for the kids) for the community--this means many children and family members. We are expecting 1000+ children. The day will be finished with a church service (inviting all that come to the block party). Please pray again that lives will be changed for the Lord--pray for the evangelizing teams throughout the block party as they will sharing the Gospel and for the service at night.
  • Monday 20th: Comedor El Buen Samaritano, Iglesia Bautista Apopa. From the mid-morning to afternoon we will be working with children (VBS). We will hand out Christmas boxes and share the Gospel.
  • Tuesday 21st: Mision Cristiana El Redentor, Lago Coatepeque, Santa Ana. This will be a long day of working with children (VBS), door to door evangelism; block party in the afternoon (use of jumpies again), handing out Christmas boxes and toys, and finish with a worship service (sharing the Gospel--we pray many of the community will show). Pray for salvation of lost souls that people will turn to the One Savior and Creator.
  • Wednesday 22nd: Iglesia Bautista Betell, Apopa; work with children (VBS), jumpies, evangelize all that come to the jumpies, finish with a night service (again sharing the Gospel), hand out Christmas boxes and food baskets.
  • Thursday 23rd: Spend time at Remar Orphanage playing with the children.
  • Friday 24th: Pray for safety and traveling mercies of FBC Greenville group and me as we return (different flights and times). Pray that their will be no luggage problems (they will be taking back some of our things), customs problems, connections, safety and traveling mercies.

When praying for these days, please keep the group in mind as this may be the first time some share the Gospel. Pray for the FBC group itself--that God will use this mission trip to change their lives. Each day, pray for open hearts to the Gospel and that people will come to know the Lord as their personal Savior and be saved (every day we will be evangelizing and reaching out with the Gospel message). Pray for our safety each day as we travel and drive and pray that the Enemy will not be given a foothold in anything we do nor that he will thwart any of our means of sharing the love and salvation of Jesus Christ our risen Redeemer.

God bless and thank you for your prayers and support (due to time this may be my last blog from ES)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Count Down

Greetings from ES. Thank you for your prayers during this time. Kim and the kids are doing well and trying to get adjusted to being back in the US. I am counting down for 2 things:
1. to see my family--I sure do miss them and am looking forward to seething them (that will be my Christmas present).
2. the FBC Greenville mission team will be here in 6 days (Dec. 18). Be in prayer for their traveling mercies and for the work they will do here (and the prep work needed to be done before they get here). We are going to support some local churches with outreach to the community. They are going to give out Christmas boxes and food baskets to those in need. We are going to help in VBS outreach to children and their families and finish with a night service. With the help of Eric and his ministry of inflatable jumpies, we are going to have a lot of children at many of these activities of outreach. Pray that the lives of these parents and children will see the need for Christ and open their lives to Him as their Savior. Pray for the mission group as they will outreach to these families: pray for their spiritual strength, safety, and health while they are here. Pray for the leaders of this group that God will use them in mighty way for His purpose.

Some prayer requests:
  • The Gospel will be shared and that lives will be changed for Christ through salvation through the mission teams.
  • My family and I as we are apart; wisdom and insight for the remaining days here.
  • Travel preparations as I return with the group. The group has been so helpful and generous in their willingness to take extra bags back for me. Pray that all our luggage will get back to the US without any problems and complications (costs, customs, connections...).
  • All of our travel here in ES the next few days. There are about 3 mission teams helping Bob (also Eric and Susan the new missionary family) with shoe boxes and sharing the Gospel this week. Pray for their safety.
  • Pray for Bob's health. He has not been feeling very well these past few days. Pray for a full recovery.

Thank you for your prayers. God bless

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

United States

Well the kids and I are back in the United States. We have been here since Saturday. We had a great traveling day. However the weather is a bit chilly. I am use to walking around in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops. I can't seem to get warm enough.
So we are adjusting. I have had a lot of people say, " I know you are so excited to be back home" but truthfully my home was in San Salvador. I miss my home. I know what they mean though and they are being super sweet to say something. You must understand, Bill and I were committed for two years to serve HIM in El Salvador and for reason we don't know our Father sent us home early. We ask that you pray with us to know what is next. It is sad for us. We left family back in El Salvador. Bella left her friends. So I am not sure how I feel. But I KNOW that we are ready to go wherever HE sends us. I just want to be the hands and feet of CHRIST. My heart is sad and happy as I write this because we are separated from Bill. Keep Bella in your prayers she is really missing her daddy. Again pray with us for the Lord's next step. I am praying for HIS guidance for my family. Thank you again for ALL of your prayers.
Disclaimer: Bill usually reads my blogs before I post them so please forgive any errors....

Monday, December 6, 2010

Moved Out

I have officially moved us out of our home here in ES--kind of sad in a way. Now I have to work on getting our pet dog sent to the US. I am sure there will be some paper-work and then some more paper-work. Oh well.

Kim and the kids are doing well and today Causey turns 2. It is sad to miss his b-day (we celebrated before he left). Keep us in your prayers as we are apart and continue to pray for the FBC Greenville group that will be coming in about two weeks. Also continue to pray as God leads us to the next thing.

God bless

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Safe and sound

Thank you for your prayes. Kim, Bella, Causey, Merci Kathryn and Dwayne got to MS safe and sound. God blessed them with safe travels.

I am finishing moving us out of our home. Keep us in your prayers as we will be apart for the next few weeks. Also keep the First Baptist Greenville Mission team in your prayers as they prepare to come on Dec. 18-24.

I hope to keep everyone posted.

God bless